Shallow earthquake on the Sichuan/Yunnan Border (China) - 4 killed, 20 seriously, 86 slightly injured, 14864 rooms damaged! + shaking video

Earthquake overview : This damaging earthquake has hit on the Sichuan-Yunnan border. Damage is expected to be greater than 30 million dollars via historic damage estimates. Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. China-only earthquake list Request for a small donation … [Read more...]

Earthquake Yunnan, China - at least 6 people injured + approx. 10,500 houses damaged + damage estimate : 33.34 million US$

Earthquake overview : Dangerous shallow earthquake in an unstable area who had a lot of misery caused by earthquakes since the end of last year. Earthquake's epicenter is close to Shangyingxiang. We ask people who have felt this earthquake to share their information with our many readers (also … [Read more...]

Earthquake Tengchong, Yunnan, China : 2,079 households affected and 6 people injured (3 seriously)

Earthquake summary : Yunnan province, China was again hit on June 20, 2011 by a moderate shallow earthquake during the late afternoon (local time). Based on recent damaging earthquakes, calls this earthquake very dangerous. It has since been found to be damaging! UPDATE … [Read more...]

Deaths and injuries from very dangerous earthquake in Yingjiang, Yunnan, China

This earthquake has caused at this point 16 19 21 22 24 fatalities, 166 174 201 207 injured + a theoretical estimated economic loss of 200 million to 1 billion US ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 13:51 UTC : Due to the … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list March 10, 2011

M 5.0      2011/03/10 19:06     Depth 127.0 km      MINDORO, PHILIPPINES March 11, 2011 at 03:06:10 AM at epicenter Moderate earthquake (seaquake) which combined with the depth will generate only a light shaking in some coastal towns. 35 km (22 miles) W (269°) from Batangas, Luzon, … [Read more...]

China “ Magnitude 5.0 earthquake injures 14 people and damages 7,354 houses

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate, seemingly not harmful earthquake made a lot of damage and injured at least 14 people in the border region of the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in Southwest China. Thirteen people were injured in the latest earthquake, and 7,354 houses were destroyed in the … [Read more...]

In memory of the victims of August 10, 19XX - China, Iran and Solomon Islands

"In memory of" will highlight deadly earthquakes of the past. People have forgotten a lot of these human tragedies. We @ Earthquake Report are hopeful that people in these countries and cities will learn from their history and will make sure that they are building Earthquake Proof houses and … [Read more...]