Powerful earthquake near Salina Cruz, Mexico (Oaxaca)

Earthquake Report comment : Epicenter of the earthquake is only 40 km from the town of Salina Cruz in the province of Oaxaca. De pending on the data source the hypocenter of this earthquake is located in between 10 km and 58 km (a big difference). Salina Cruz has a population of 73,468 (latest … [Read more...]

Moderate Greece earthquakes strike in the same area than the 1303 historic deadly earthquake

Earthquake Report comment : Epicenter in (the Mediterranean Sea) between the Greek island of Crete and the islands of Kassos and Karpathos. Almost exactly the same spot than the devastating earthquake and tsunami from 1303 (although there was not a good knowledge on earthquakes in that era). Today's … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake strikes close to Anchorage, Alaska

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate earthquake struck close to Anchorage, Alaska. The epicenter was under Fire Island and only 20 km from Alaska's main city. Fire Island is unpopulated. Only a couple of miles from Ted Stevens International Airport.. Anchorage had a population of 276,263 during … [Read more...]

Powerful M 5.4 aftershock strikes the Chile coast

Earthquake Report comment : Aftershocks continue to rattle the Chile February 27 main earthquake area.  Epicenter today was in the coastal area about 40 km from San Antonio.  The quake occurred at 1:46 AM.  By experience we know that most Chile people do not wake up for aftershocks, although this … [Read more...]

Moderate aftershocks continue to rattle Christchurch earthquake area

Earthquake Report comment : As predicted before, aftershocks would occur continuously after the massive Darfield earthquake from September 4. 20 minutes ago another moderate M 4.6 aftershock has rattled the Christchurch area. A lot of 'felt' reports arrived quickly at the GNS Science. People living … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake under a dormant PNG volcano

Earthquake Report comment : Moderate but shallow earthquake under Umboi Volcano on Unboi island in Papua New Guinea. The nearest village in this otherwise almost entire wilderness area is Marli. As this is a small village, houses are mostly constructed with natural products like wood. Even if they … [Read more...]

Strong Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes the Costa Rica coast

Earthquake Report comment : The (preliminary) epicenter of the earthquake is located just outside Puntarenas, the cruise terminal city. The earthquake hypocenter was at a shallow depth of 25 km. The area is well known by tourists visiting the Reserva Biologica Guayabo in the Gulf of Nicoya. The Gulf … [Read more...]

Moderate very shallow earthquake in the desert of Baja California, Mexico

Earthquake Report comment : The epicenter of this earthquake (aftershock) was located on almost the same spot than the M 5.0 earthquake earlier today (local time). See also this report. Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Ml 4.7 Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 11:09:51 PM at epicenter Depth … [Read more...]

Moderate but dangerous shallow earthquake on the Kyrgyzstan - Tibet border

Earthquake Report comment : A very shallow earthquake happened right on the Kyrgyzstan/ Tibet (China)/Tajikistan border. If the preliminary epicenter location will be confirmed, the danger might be limited. Because of the Chinese Tibet policy, it is very hard to focus on satellite details in this … [Read more...]

Dangerous shallow earthquake strikes near Jenah and Bastak (Iran)

Update 14:28 UTC :  "This morning's quake in Jenah has caused no damages so far," Gheibi told Mehr News Agency, adding that rescue teams were on standby. (source : Iran Press TV) Earthquake Report comment : As there are different coordinates of the exact epicenter, we have used this time the … [Read more...]