Earthquake related news May 19, 2011

Earthquake news related to recent events (in-depth articles) will be written as updates in these (recent) articles. These articles can be found in the top 10 excerpts on the homepage. Updates for earlier earthquakes can be found on these pages. This page will be regularly updated. $$$ link to the … [Read more...]

Indonesia : Merapi eruption - picture before and after the hot ash cloud

The picture below gives an idea how terribly hot a pyroclastic flow can be. Th hot ash clouds are burning everything on their way. Nature but also people and infrastructure are charred. Similar pictures exist from the eruption / explosion of Mount St Helens in Whasington, United States. Left and … [Read more...]

Western Mexican states hit by multiple aftershocks and earthquakes

The Mexican western states of Sonora, Baja California, Nayarit and Chiapas have been hit the last 24 hours by multiple earthquakes and aftershocks. Everything seems to be moving and more tectonic movements may be expected. 4 different main areas can be defined. a) The waters of the Gulf of … [Read more...]