Earthquakes list December 8, 2010

M 4.0      2010/12/08 21:50    Depth 10.0 km     WESTERN TURKEY local time 23:50 Epicenter 11 km NW Germencik (pop 11,217) and 31 km W Aydin (pop 163,022) Google satellite map of the earthquake area New ! “ Tell us what you felt M 3.9      2010/12/08 20:18     … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake in the desert of Southern California

Earthquake Report comment : Epicenter in the desert of southern California on a safe distance from Mexicali (57 km) and San Diego. Closest village : Ocotillo Expected Mercalli values : V in the desert and IV in Ocotillo, III in Mexicali Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Ml 4.6 Thursday, … [Read more...]

Powerful earthquake close to Pangai island, Tonga

Earthquake Report comment : Very powerful earthquake with epicenter about 30 km from the island of Lifuku,  Pangai. The last couple of days multiple earthquakes occurred in the same area. Epicenter on the upper slopes of the subduction zone! Maximum expected shaking V to VI Mercalli = moderate … [Read more...]

Moderate shallow earthquake in the coastal waters of Philippines Burias Island

Earthquake Report comment : Shallow dangerous earthquake at only 18 km from San Rafael on Burias Island (3,036 inhabitants) Burias Island is one of the three major islands of Masbate Province in the Philippines. The other two major Islands are Ticao Island and Masbate Island. The Island has two … [Read more...]

Powerful earthquake near coastal villages in Papua New Guinea

Earthquake Report comment : Heavy earthquake at the southern part of New Britain and on top of the Subduction zone near Atua, Ablingi, Awio and Kalagen, all hamlets at the sea. NO Tsunami report has been issued by NOAA nor by GDACS. Although Papua New Guinea has a lot of experience with heavy … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake “ second big M 6.2 aftershock

Earthquake Report comment : Again a powerful shallow aftershock. The strongest so far. Preliminary records show that the epicenter is again located on the southern edge of South Pagai. After analyzing satellite pictures we assume that the most important inhabited village is located at the northern … [Read more...]

Powerful 6.1 aftershock hits Pagai Island again

Earthquake Report comment : Powerful aftershock with a preliminary epicenter at the eastern shores of Mentawai Island South Pagai. GDACS has just issued a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very limited chance on damage and/or injuries. takes this aftershock very … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - Hardest hit : Mentawai Islands

Earthquake Report comment : Latest news on this massive earthquake - Click here 16:20 UTC UPDATE : No news from the islands which where the most hit so far. We maintain our RED earthquake level as we predict that the shaking would have been very strong on South Pagai. Luckily, this island is … [Read more...]

Deadly earthquakes of October 24, 19XX - Mexico and Congo

M 7.1    24-10-1980    Mexico    Depth 72 km - killing 300 people At least 300 people killed, many injured, approximately 150,000 homeless and extensive damage in central Mexico, mainly in the Huajuapan de Leon area.  Felt throughout central and southern Mexico and in Guatemala. Map of the … [Read more...]

Your earthquake "FELT" report is of very big importance for science will from now on encourage FELT reporting from his readers. Most people are not aware of the importance of their cooperation in reporting their FEEL experiences to the science organizations. The best developed is certainly USGS who gets a big number of felt reports for many … [Read more...]