Massive but deep earthquake below Eastern Papua New Guinea - main concern : landslides

Earthquake overview :A strong but very deep earthquake happened at 03:04 PM (15:04) below eastern Papua New Guinea. The depth of the earthquake will have weakened the shaking even just above the epicenter. Our main concern are possible landslides. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us … [Read more...]

CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database releases a first view of its content

Ever had questions about what have been the largest earthquakes? Those earthquakes which have impacted society the most in the last 100 years? The earthquakes that have killed the most people? What earthquakes have caused damage in my country? The CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database has just … [Read more...]

Indonesian Government gives daily aid allowance to Mentawai Tsunami families

The government says it will pay Mentawai Islands tsunami victims a living allowance in January. "The cost of living for tsunami victims has been estimated at Rp 6,000 (0.67 US $) per person per day. The maximum number of people in each family entitled to receive such assistance is five. The … [Read more...]

Strong shallow earthquake close to Oelelevu, Fiji Islands

Very strong shallow earthquake at a safe distance from most of the islands. NOAA nor GDACS have published tsunami reports for this earthquake. Based on the Ocean floor maps there is also NO risk on a local tsunami due to landslides Based on the theoretical shaking maps of USGS, the max. MMI value … [Read more...]

Very important "Good to know" facts

Image by xjbei via Flickr This page has been started on November 20 2010. It's only goal is to share important (mostly scientific) facts with our readers. These facts are mostly derived from singular earthquakes or  tsunamis. Indonesia - Mentawai - October 25 2010 - M 7.7 earthquake / … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.7 Earthquake and Tsunami - latest news (5)

As our initial "latest news" articles were getting too long, and as this event will certainly continue to add more news, we have decided to a number of "latest news" articles. Besides the most important earthquake data, also breaking news will be posted here. Reading all of them will be experienced … [Read more...]

Indonesia tsunami - Chilean surfer Sebastian Carvallo tsunami eywitness video

Five days after a devastating Tsunami swept across the Indonesian archipelago of Mentawai a video shot by an Australian tourist who narrowly escaped the deadly wave has emerged on the Web. The 3-meter high wave was triggered by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the western coast of the island of … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - USGS increases Magnitude to 7.7!

USGS has increased the Magnitude of the earthquake to M 7.7. This makes this (shallow) earthquake one of the most powerful that occurred this year and even more powerful than the Haiti and the China earthquakes, both with huge numbers of casualties. Contrary to what most agencies are reporting … [Read more...]

Huge Tsunami preparedness exercise in New Zealand today

On the exception of Canterbury, because of the recent traumatic earthquake,  New Zealand's will test it's ability to respond to a massive tsunami on Wednesday. More than 100 agencies nationwide will take part in the exercise. New Zealand will test the new updated national tsunami advisory and … [Read more...]

Vanuatu “ M 5.0 “ Moderate and deep earthquake 20 km near the coast of Pacific Island Espiritu Santo

Earthquake Report comment : The island of Espiritu Santo lies just on top of a fault line and has almost daily earthquake shaking activity. At regular intervals stronger earthquakes rattle the island. Todays quake is a moderate one, but because the hypocenter is very deep in the earth, almost nobody … [Read more...]