Damaging earthquake in Elazig province, Turkey

Earthquake overview : A very dangerous earthquake occurred in the Turkish Elazig province at 10:34 AM on June 23 2011. Due to the type of earthquake and the shallow depth, earthquake-report calls this earthquake "very dangerous" May we kindly ask Turkish people who live in the epicenter area or … [Read more...]

Very shallow Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Uyghur Autonomous Region, China

Earthquake summary : A moderate but very shallow earthquake occurred during the morning hours (local time) in Turpan prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China. UPDATE 04:34 UTC , 10/06: Updated figures as of 7am Thursday. China's central government … [Read more...]

Strong shallow earthquake in Kazakhstan

UPDATE 02/05 - 14:10 UTC : A reader report from Esik 35 km from the epicenter, who felt the earthquake of Sunday morning as a moderate shaking (MMI 5) : You asked for information regarding Molovodnye.  I spend most of my time in Esik and Turgen, Kazakhstan but travel to Molovodnye a few times each … [Read more...]

Weak but shallow and slightly damaging earthquake close to Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

UPDATE : New reports indicate that a lot of houses was damaged in Opsječko (Čelinac).  Additionally everything tumbled from the shelves. A lot of electrical appliances were broken after falling to the ground. UPDATE : Historic earthquake maps are showing a few very damaging earthquakes in this … [Read more...]

Red Cross appeals to help Serbians recover from deadly earthquake

Image via Wikipedia The Red Cross of Serbia continues to provide support to people affected by this month's earthquake, which hit the city of Kraljevo, killing three people and causing widespread destruction. The immediate relief response was funded by a grant from the International … [Read more...]

Deadly earthquake in Serbia

See overview of the latest articles here UPDATE November 19, 18:55 UTC Red Cross appeals to help Serbians recover from deadly earthquake. Read the in-depth article here UPDATE November 19, 10:55 UTC Serbian government takes action to further support Kraljevo The Serbian government set … [Read more...]


<h1>    <font face="Times New Roman"><span style="color: #0088b3;"><a href="http://earthquake-report.com/2010/11/24/we-need-urgent-translations-for-a-new-website/">Mentawai tsunami - Some waves may have reached 17 … [Read more...]

Kraljevo Serbia earthquake, 310 houses uninhabitable and 4,000 structures damaged!

Serbian interior minister Dacic declared that 310 structures (mostly houses) have been declared uninhabitable. B92, a Serbia news site wrote the following article (small excerpt below) - click here for the entire article. 1,130 structures have been inspected over the past few days, and specified … [Read more...]

Pictures of the earthquake that struck Kraljevo, Serbia

The local Serbian press has published pictures who say more than many words can tell. As a courtesy to the original publisher, we are showing hereunder thumbnails of these pictures with a direct link to B92 website. When clicking on the thumbnail, the original picture in the B92 website will be … [Read more...]

Eyewitness reports from the Kraljevo, Serbia earthquake

Thanks to EMSC, the European Mediterranean Seismological Center,  we have the possibility to show our readers how people experienced the earthquake with their own report writings. Eartquake-report.com is cooperating with EMSC for these testimonies and reports. Since 1 week we are linking the … [Read more...]