Earthquakes list February 5, 2011

M 4.6      2011/02/06 08:20     Depth 26.6 km     ALASKA PENINSULA February 05, 2011 at 11:20:42 PM at epicenter Aftershock in the Sand Point area which was hit y a M+6 earthquake a couple of days ago. 60 km (40 miles) WNW of Sand Point, Alaska satellite map + I Did … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake close to Tokyo, Japan

UPDATE 14:12 UTC A few FeelWitness reports from the epicenter area * Wasn't that small for a friend that works in Sano, stuff danced for their shelfs and most likely at his home too. They were close to where it originated. Still getting shakes minutes after the first tremor. * We live in an older … [Read more...]

Powerful seaquake at intermediate depth before the coast of Hokkaido and Honshu (Japan)

Earthquake Report comment : The Magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred in a bay close to the shores of Hokkaido and Honshu, 2 main islands in Japan. Because of the depth of approx. 60 km the inhabitants of large areas will have felt a light shaking but damage or injuries are not expected. GDACS issued a … [Read more...]

Japan “ M 5.4 “ Moderate but very deep earthquake 270 km from Tokyo

Earthquake Report comment : As this earthquake occurred at a depth of 283 km, in the mantle of the earth, a lot of people will not even felt it. This is however one of the first earthquakes under the mainland of Honshu since the last several weeks. Most of the earthquakes are occurring in the … [Read more...]

Japan “ M 5.8 “ Powerful earthquake near the coast of Honshu

Earthquake Report comment : 1,269,000 people will have experienced light shaking (Mercalli IV). Biggest towns in the area are Miyako (52,000), Morioka (295,000) and Hachinohe (239,000). All have probably experienced a Mercalli IV shaking. Most important Earthquake Data: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at … [Read more...]