Iran multi-source realtime earthquakes list - لیست زلزله ایران

Back to the Region / Country OVERVIEW page لیست زیر آخرین زلزله های ایران که توسط بسیاری از سازمان لرزه نگاری را نشان می دهد. The list below shows the last Iranian earthquakes as reported by many seismological agencies شما می توانید در فرم را در زبان فارسی نوشتن ترجمه ماشینی -- … [Read more...]

Earthquake Honshu Japan : Tokyo had a narrow escape ... again

UPDATE March 13, 2011 This article has been written by on January 25, before the Christchurch earthquakes. We wrote it because we had commented on a number of moderate earthquakes in the direct vicinity of Tokyo. The text we have written in January is still valid today after … [Read more...]