Earthquakes list April 15, 2011

M 5.9      2011/04/15 21:46    Depth 232.0 km     TONGA local time 09:46 Harmless deep earthquake with a hypocenter in the hot mantle of the earth. We do NOT expect a tsunami alert 120 km W Neiafu (pop 4,320 Satellite map of the greater epicenter area M 4.7      2011/04/15 11:59     Depth 25.5 … [Read more...]

Tanzania “ Mw 5.2 “ Moderate earthquake near Selous Game Reserve

Earthquake Report comment : No fault lines in the area. However, Tanzania is one of the East African countries located on the East African Rift Zone. The epicenter of this earthquake is in wilderness area. Tanzania lies in the East African rift zone and parts of the country are seismically active. … [Read more...]