Massive earthquake and Tsunami Santa Cruz Islands (Solomon Islands) - 10 people officially killed, 6 missing - Update February 20

- Overview of the damage, injuries and fatalities Fatalities: 10 confirmed, 6 missing => 16 fatalities (14 on Ndeni, 2 on Nibanga) (unconfirmed 17th fatality caused by severe aftershock) Injuries: 17 injured, all from Ndeni, 11 alone from village Velo Destroyed houses: Exact number … [Read more...]

Shallow earthquake close to San Cristobal (Solomon Islands)

Earthquake Report comment : A dangerous shallow earthquake (if the preliminary data are confirmed) struck close to the coastal villages on San Cristobal Island. The depth was 17.5 km. The combination  with a magnitude 5.5 tremor makes it a potentially dangerous cocktail. The Solomon Islands are … [Read more...]