Heavy M 6.1 seaquake at a safe distance of Tonga islands

Earthquake Report comment : NO tsunami treat for the neighboring islands Earthquake occurred on a safe distance from populated islands Most important Earthquake Data: Saturday, September 04, 2010 at 09:52:01 PM at epicenter Magnitude : Moment Magnitude 6.1 Depth (Hypocenter) : 37 … [Read more...]

New Zealand Christchurch hit by a Magnitude 7.0 earthquake

Earthquake Report comment : Latest updates can be found below Although FELT reports are coming in strong to very strong shaking in and near the city. Look at the detailed felt reports arriving at the USGS GDACS issued a ORANGE alert for this dangerous earthquake (if data is confirmed). The … [Read more...]

Heavy earthquake on the shores of Adak, an Andreanof Island (Alaska - USA)

Earthquake Report comment : The earthquake struck at approx. 2 AM in the morning. With a depth of 51 km, the impact will be a strong shaking in the vicinity of the epicenter. Adak island is one of the most remote localities in the USA. Adak, the capital of the Andreanof Islands had a population of … [Read more...]

Iran “ M 5.7 “ Dangerous shallow earthquake in Northern Iran

Update August 28 - 8:47 UTC Following Reuters alertnet the dead toll rises to 3 and tens of injured people are reported  after a shallow earthquake struck the area of Damghan. Read the full Reuters Alertnet report here Earthquake Report comment update (August 27, 23:30 UTC ): Irna, the Islamic … [Read more...]

Mexico “ M 6.1 “ Strong seaquake at a safe distance of Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo

Earthquake Report comment : A strong shallow seaquake struck right on the fault line where the Pacific plate and the smaller Cocos plate collide.  The epicenter was though on a safe distance of almost 300 km out of the Mexican coast. The earthquake was felt by some as a weak shaking, with of course … [Read more...]

Indonesia “ M 5.9 “ Heavy seaquake near the island of Simeulue (Sumatra)

Update in green below Earthquake Report comment : No general Tsunami risk (local smaller tsunamis are always possible). GDACS issued a GREEN earthquake report (see details below) NO people live in an area of 25 km around the epicenter. 27,800 people live in an area of 50 km around the … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea “ M 6.4 “ Heavy earthquake in the Solomon Sea, 70 km from Bougainville Island

Earthquake Report comment : A rather deep (51 km) earthquake occurred in the Solomon Sea at a reasonable distance from the Bougainville Island coast. Papua New Guinea has almost daily earthquakes and this one has only a limited chance on damage and injuries. The main danger of these earthquakes are … [Read more...]

Reunion / Mauritius “ M 6.3 “ Heavy earthquake in the Indian Ocean

Earthquake Report comment : The epicenter of this earthquake  is far away from the islands of La Reunion and Mauritius. It occurred in the immediate vicinity of the fault line zone where the divergent boundaries of the African plate and the Australian plate are pulling apart. NO people live in a … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea “ M 6.3 “ Heavy but deep earthquake in Papua New Guinea's New Britain

Earthquake Report comment : This earthquake will NOT be dangerous because of the big depth of the hypocenter, however because of it's  strength many people in a big radius will have felt  weak to light shaking. 60,000 people live in a radius of 100 km around the epicenter. GDACS issued a GREEN … [Read more...]