Interesting earthquake related articles - Lawsuit: Quakes caused by frack water disposal damaged homes

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Worldwide EARTHQUAKE related news - Archive January and February 2012

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Comparing the current impact of the "Van" Earthquake to past earthquakes in Eastern Turkey

Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology CEDIM Forensic Earthquake Analysis Group Comparing the current impact of the Van Earthquake to past earthquakes in Eastern Turkey (Status: Wednesday November 2,  2011 @ 18:00 CET) (Build with support of, SOS … [Read more...]

Earthquake related news May 23, 2011

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What a sad day for What should have been a party day for the people behind this website, turned out in another deadly earthquake. This time in Spain. Since we started in August we have seen numerous cruel earthquakes. To name only a few : Mentawai tsunami (Indonesia), … [Read more...]

How is earthquake data measured, computed and published ?

Geonet, The New Zealand governmental office who publishes earthquake information, released a very good describing article how an earthquake is measured, monitored, computed etc. has a constant interest in explaining the background of earthquake numbers for his readers. We hope … [Read more...]