Drilling to understand the secrets of the San Andreas Fault (video)

Earthquake-Report.com came across a video of the National Science Foundation who explains what scientists are currently doing to understand what is going on inside the San Andreas Fault. The video has been aired in the PBS NewsHour. Understanding what happens at the epicenter of an earthquake, … [Read more...]

Moderate shallow quake in Central California + "I Have Felt It reports"

Earthquake overview : A moderate but very shallow and thus moderately dangerous earthquake rattled through Central California just after midnight. Luckily in a scarcely populated area. We ask people who have felt this earthquake to share their information with our many readers (also from your … [Read more...]

USA California “ M 3.8 “ Light earthquake 20 km north of San Simeon

Earthquake Report comment : An initially shallow Magnitude 4.0, later decreased to 3.8 struck  the hills north of San Simeon. Although the quakes epicenter was  in the middle of the wilderness area and near the San Antonio Reservoir Recreation Area, it was felt as a light shaking (MM II) by … [Read more...]