Somalia / Ethiopia border earthquake (03/08/2011) : much stronger than initially reported

Earthquake overview :  A potentially dangerous earthquake has hit on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia, early this morning. The earthquake would have been very much felt in the city of Boorama and villages nearby. Update 04/08 - 10:27 UTC : Various aftershocks have been hitting the same area … [Read more...]

Quake Flash report : Moderate coastal Costa Rica earthquake

Quake Flash reports are used by to report on earthquakes which we categorize as 'probably not dangerous', but scared a lot of people living above it. The magnitudes may be in between M 3.0 or M 5.0, depending how used people are to earthquakes in that part of the … [Read more...]

Ferrara (Italy) earthquake July 17 : minor damage reported

May we kindly ask people who have felt this earthquake to share their experience with our readers (form below). Earthquake Overview : At 20:30 Italian time, a moderate shallow earthquake shook fiercely the Ferrara area, sending people out of their houses in fear of aftershocks.  The very … [Read more...]

Costa Rica earthquake : numerous landslides and considerable damage is looking urgently for a few Spanish speaking volunteers willing to serve the Spain and Latin-American countries. In case of a concerning earthquake in one of the Spanish speaking countries, you will be translating our pages and video subtitles into Spanish.  Click here to … [Read more...]

Wakayama (Japan) earthquake 05/07/2011 : 11 houses damaged has made a short video based on the text below. Feel free to take a look. I Have Felt It Report from Wakayama : I was driving in Wakayama city and didn't feel a thing but my wife called me 5 minutes later when I was in a store saying we just had a big quake. Then we had … [Read more...]

Deep moderate earthquake shakes New Zealand North Island

UPDATE : Kaye Bassett Millar living in Akaroa wrote on our Facebook page that she felt this earthquake too (or would it have been another Christchurch aftershock ?) UPDATE : What we initially reported as a moderate deep earthquake should have been written as a "very strong" deep earthquake. … [Read more...]

Very shallow moderate earthquake injures 15 people in Matsumoto (Japan)

Earthquake summary : A seemingly harmless moderate earthquake has caused havoc in Matsumoto Japan (Nagano prefecture).  Due to the extremely shallow depth and the proximity of a town of 220,667 people, these kind of earthquakes are always a danger for modern cities. UPDATE 05/07 09:17 … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake (26/06) triggers landslides and destroys 19 houses in Tibet

UPDATE 02/07 - 09:21 UTC : Chinese rescue services have now published a detailed report on the damage impact of the Nangchen county earthquake : 19 houses in 5 villages have collapsed,  in 90% of the houses in the epicenter area appeared cracks in the walls. The quake also damaged a Buddhist … [Read more...]

Hundreds of destroyed houses after the June 14 earthquake in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

On June 14, 2011 noticed 2 shallow moderate earthquakes below Northern Sumatra close to Pahae Julu and Pahae Jae. This earthquake was labeled Orange in our daily overview listing (moderately dangerous) as we were not sure about the exact epicenter. The area was relatively … [Read more...]

Eritrea Nabro volcano eruption - Air traffic disruption and the aid of NASA HD satellite images (day 3, 4 and 5)

Read also : From the earthquake swarm until the eruption (day 1 and 2) (June 12) Read also : Impressive new NASA pictures (June 30) Read also : 31 people killed at the Ethiopian side – thousands more need aid (July eight) Read also : Seismic activity continues below Nabro (September … [Read more...]