Papua New Guinea (PNG) realtime earthquake list

Back to the Region / Country OVERVIEW page The list below shows the last earthquakes in Papua New Guinea In depth articles on Papua New Guinean earthquakes written by - Strong shallow earthquake below the rain-forest of Eastern Papua New Guinea (Febr. 16, 2012) - … [Read more...]

Massive dangerous earthquake in the highlands of New Britain, P.N.G.

A massive earthquake at a moderate depth of  35 km has struck New Britain island in Papua New Guinea in the early afternoon hours (local time). The earthquake was automatically measured at M 6.9 just after it happened, but was later reduced by seismologists to Mw 6.7 (both USGS and EMSC). The … [Read more...]

Live Seismograph in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Seismograph Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Seismograph or Seismogram at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Above a nearly ˜live™ picture of the earthquake registering station "Port Moresby" in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The seismographs are renewed approx. every 30 minutes. You will have to … [Read more...]