Earthquake related news July 18, 2011

Earthquake news related to recent events (in-depth articles) will be written as updates in these (recent) articles. These articles can be found in the top 10 excerpts on the homepage. Updates for earlier earthquakes can be found on these pages. This page will be regularly updated. $$$ link to the … [Read more...]

Simple East African tectonics including the Gulf of Aden

Below we show the tectonics of East Africa, including the Gulf of Aden plate boundaries which are the reason of the current series of earthquakes. Divergent boundaries Divergent boundaries occur along spreading centers where plates are moving apart and new crust is created by magma pushing up … [Read more...]

New Zealand earthquake : the best video's of the earthquake

Here is an overview of the best video's we found on the internet Just after the earthquake hit Damage during daylight News footage from Ten News - video from the first hours after the quake Aerial footage from the quake - sorry for the noise of the helicopter Very good news footage … [Read more...]

In memory of the victims of September 2, 19XX - Nicaragua and Czech Republic

M 7.6   02-09-1992   Depth 45 km    Nicaragua - killing 184 people At least 116 people killed, more than 68 missing and over 13,500 left homeless in Nicaragua. At least 1,300 houses and 185 fishing  boats were destroyed along the west coast of Nicaragua. Total damage in Nicaragua is … [Read more...]

Understanding the creation and the earthquakes of the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos tectonics Darwin had part of the answer on the Galapagos islands. The answer to the origin of the Galápagos  was only available after 1958, when continental drift, or plate tectonics, was discovered.  We now understand that the surface of the earth is divided into massive tectonic … [Read more...]

Chile “ M 5.0 “ Here we go again ! Living with almost daily aftershocks since February 27

Earthquake Report comment : Here we go again. Since August 9 the Chileans were free of relatively strong aftershocks, the longest period since the devastating earthquake from February 27 when a major Magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck the same area, making 577 casualties. Yesterdays earthquake in … [Read more...]