Indonesia massive M 7.7 Earthquake and Tsunami - latest news (2)

As our initial "latest news" article was getting too long, and as this event will certainly continue to add more news, we have decided to start another "latest news 2" article. Besides the most important earthquake data, also breaking news will be posted here. This update page will put breaking … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - USGS increases Magnitude to 7.7!

USGS has increased the Magnitude of the earthquake to M 7.7. This makes this (shallow) earthquake one of the most powerful that occurred this year and even more powerful than the Haiti and the China earthquakes, both with huge numbers of casualties. Contrary to what most agencies are reporting … [Read more...]

Huge Tsunami preparedness exercise in New Zealand today

On the exception of Canterbury, because of the recent traumatic earthquake,  New Zealand's will test it's ability to respond to a massive tsunami on Wednesday. More than 100 agencies nationwide will take part in the exercise. New Zealand will test the new updated national tsunami advisory and … [Read more...]