Very strong earthquake in the Loyalty Islands region (felt in Vanuatu / New Caledonia) - NO tsunami is a independent NGO website who only survives because of (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated. – Update 06:51 UTC : A DESTRUCTIVE TSUNAMI WAS NOT GENERATED BECAUSE THIS EARTHQUAKE IS LOCATED TOO DEEP INSIDE THE EARTH. Update : The … [Read more...]

Japan March 11 2011 Tsunami debris travel route in the Pacific Ocean (after 1 year) + video

When the monstrous tsunami of March 2011 struck the northeast coast of Japan, the retreating waves pulled many pieces of civilization and many lives out to sea. The Japanese government estimated that 5 million tons of debris was swept up by the event, with about 70 percent sinking to the sea floor … [Read more...]

Strong but harmless seaquake - aftershock hits coastal Chile

Earthquake Report comment : After a period of relative calm, a strong aftershock struck the Chilean coastal area. The epicenter was located in the same greater area than the devastating Magnitude 8.8 earthquake from February 27. GDACS has issued a GREEN earthquake alert for this earthquake = very … [Read more...]

Peru “ M 4.3 “ Moderate earthquake 60 km from Ica

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate earthquake at a reasonable depth of 38 km. What makes it special is the short distance to the coastline and to the city of Ica. Ica had +260,000 inhabitants at the latest census. Earthquakes in this area are the result of the convergent boundaries in between … [Read more...]

Guatemala“ M 4.8 “ Small and fairly deep earthquake near the Guatemala - El Salvador coast

Earthquake Report comment : A very light earthquake struck at the Guatemala coast in the evening hours of July 30. Due to the depth, some people will not even have felt the quake. USGS has received only 1 'weak' shaking alert out of Guatemala City. Most important Earthquake Data: Friday, July 30, … [Read more...]

Fiji / Tonga “ M 5.1 “ Earthquake in the Pacific at a safe distance from the closest islands

Earthquake Report comment : Very active seismic area. As this earthquake occurred at a depth of 96 km, the impact on buildings, humans will be limited. USGS calculated models are mentioning light to moderate shaking at maximum. Most important Earthquake Data: Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 06:19:33 AM … [Read more...]