2 earthquakes (1 minor and 1 moderate) hit Luther, Oklahoma + M4.2 aftershock at 05:17 local time

- Update 10:25 UTC : The aftershock was almost as strong as the mainshock measuring M4.2 at 5 km. Update 10:25 UTC : A new aftershock has been felt by many people. Update 08:41 UTC : Shaking intensity values as (theoretically) calculated by USGS : MMI V (Moderate shaking) : Luther (1000 … [Read more...]

Oklahoma / Tulsa M 4.7 and M 5.6 earthquakes + November 7 aftershocks

Earthquake overview : At 02:12 in the night, the people of the greater Oklahoma City / Tulsa / Prague area have been woken up by a moderate but well felt earthquake.  Chances on major damage are almost excluded. With the collaboration of Carlos Robles Read also : Unusual moderate earthquake near … [Read more...]

Unusual moderate earthquake near Oklohoma City

Earthquake Report comment : Wednesday morning at 9:03 am, an moderate shallow earthquake occurred at an unusual location 35 km southeast of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma has more earthquakes but mostly they are weak and have an epicenter on the Northeastern site of the city. The earthquake was felt the … [Read more...]