Chilean miners and the potential risk of a heavy earthquake on rescue efforts

As the rescue efforts of the trapped Chilean miners in the Copiapo San Jose mine continue and gradually are more successful, has still no answer on the potential impact of a new heavy earthquake on the ongoing rescue efforts as it can take 3 more months until a rescue shaft can … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list August 25, 2010

M 5.2      2010/08/25 22:57   Depth 10.0 km     TONGA 70 km out of the Tongo island of Eua (Eua National Park). A beautiful satellite view ofthe volcano arc and the ocean floor where one can clearly see that 1  tectonic plate is going underneath the other one (Pacific plate and Australian … [Read more...]

Chile “ M 5.2 “ Moderate earthquake near Iquique

Earthquake Report comment : At this point people reported a light to moderate shaking in Iquique. A similar earthquake (M 5.0) at a slightly bigger depth occurred in the same area on August 3 at 1:29 AM Iquique has a growing population of more than 227,000. Iquique is surrounded by a very active … [Read more...]

Chile “ M 5.0 “ Moderate and fairly deep earthquake just in front of Iquique (Northern Chile)

Earthquake Report comment : As this earthquake occurred at a depth of 59 km, the impact on buildings and humans , even fairly close to the city of Iquique, was very limited. At this point, only 5 persons have informed USGS that a very weak shaking was experienced. Iquique has a growing population … [Read more...]