Earthquakes list October 18, 2010

M 4.7      2010/10/18 23:13    Depth 62.4 km     SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA October 19, 2010 at 06:13 AM at epicenter Just out the coast of Sumatra. Combination of depth and magnitude result in a harmless very light shaking. Nearest villages and town  : Ketahun, Lais and Bengkulu. M … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list September 11, 2010

M 4.7      2010/09/11 21:53   Depth 70.7 km      OFFSHORE EL SALVADOR Out in the Pacific Ocean on top of the subduction area M 5.1      2010/09/11 18:55   Depth 50.2 km     PERU-ECUADOR BORDER REGION In Parqua Nacional de Cerros de Amotape. Epicenter in a wilderness area M 5.4 … [Read more...]

Minor Earthquakes list August 2, 2010

Minor earthquakes are earthquakes less than Magnitude 5.0 OR earthquakes with an hypocenter (depth) of more than 100 km OR earthquakes up to M 5.9 with an epicenter far away from populated areas. The reference for the time zone is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). More important earthquakes are … [Read more...]