Christchurch M 6.0 aftershock : 1 person killed and 45 people with minor injuries

Aftershock summary : On Monday the 13th of June, Christchurch has been struck by two aftershocks. The first measured 5.5, which luckily allowed people to evacuate the red zone and many other locations before the magnitude 6 aftershock struck, minutes ago at a depth of 9km. Six people were taken to … [Read more...]

Very strong but harmless earthquake in the Kermadec Islands region

UPDATE 15:04 UTC : The initial values of this earthquake have been seriously changed after recalculation. USGS is reporting now a magnitude of 6.6 at a depth of 90.4 km (from an initial 6.4 @ 8.4 km). At earthquake-report we had problems to believe that a shallow earthquake of 6.4 would have been … [Read more...]

Extremely dangerous shallow aftershock in Christchurch, New Zealand

This article will be ended as it is getting too long. We have copied the last 10 updates in the second part. Click here for the second part for our continuous reporting on the Christchurch earthquake. - Click here to go directly to part 2 For an overview of all the articles we have written - … [Read more...]

Moderate deep earthquake near Rotorua and Taupo, New Zealand

This is an flash update on the following recent earthquake : M 5.3 - Rotorua, Taupo area New Zealand Strong earthquake with a deep hypocenter = harmless, although a lot of people could potentially to feel it. As most are asleep, we predict that only few will have been … [Read more...]

Moderate seaquake south of New Zealand South Island

Earthquake Report comment : USGS has published a seaquake to the south of Fjordland National Park. This is one of the first reports we are publishing in this area, although it is a known fault line with linked earthquakes. What makes this new earthquake (seaquake) even more special is that GNS … [Read more...]

Heavy but deep seaquake hits the North Island of New Zealand

Earthquake Report comment : A very heavy but luckily deep earthquake has struck the coastal waters of the North Island of New Zealand. The hypocenter was located at a depth of  280 km. The impact of this earthquake was very limited but due to the depth and the strong Magnitude, is was felt almost … [Read more...]

Moderate aftershocks continue to rattle Christchurch earthquake area

Earthquake Report comment : As predicted before, aftershocks would occur continuously after the massive Darfield earthquake from September 4. 20 minutes ago another moderate M 4.6 aftershock has rattled the Christchurch area. A lot of 'felt' reports arrived quickly at the GNS Science. People living … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list September 7, 2010

M 4.9      2010/09/07 20:51   Depth 47.5 km     SOUTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA Not really dangerous, but for the people of Yushu, a traumatic experience. Yushu is only 50 km from this epicenter. Yushu was devastatated on April 13 by a 6.9 Magnitude earthquake.  More than 3000 people lost their … [Read more...]

5.2 Magnitude earthquake strikes the North Island of New Zealand

Earthquake Report comment : After the massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Canterbury, now the North Island experienced a shallow earthquake of a 5.2 magnitude. The epicenter is located in an unpopulated area near Waipukurau. Based on the seismograph, the quake lasted quite long Most important … [Read more...]