Earthquake prediction, the Japanese way !

People continue to ask whether the time of upcoming earthquakes can be predicted accurately or not. If you would surf the web, thousands of pages will be found with the weirdest theories on prediction signs for a major upcoming earthquake. The reality of "when" is an easy answer : NO The reality … [Read more...]

Powerful Magnitude 6.7 Gulf of California earthquake - P- and S-Wave seismograms

Though we included a live seismogram in one of our supporting articles, as the time passes the waves from the Gulf of California earthquake will disappear. To avoid total erasing of this event, please find below the static seismogram from this M 6.7 earthquake. Clicking on the image will lead you … [Read more...]

Christchurch Earthquake Damage Map with 'damage and testimonies' is always in for "added value" articles from local publishers. We came across a fantastic initiative from "The Press -" who had the idea of bundling testimonies from people living in the earthquake area on a google map. With colored buttons viewers can click on … [Read more...]

Improved New Zealand tsunami monitoring system in place

The likely impact of tsunami on New Zealand™s coastline is now better understood following the completion of a major project to install sea level monitoring devices. Sea level gauges have been installed at 17 sites around New Zealand and offshore islands. Pressure sensors at the gauges … [Read more...]

Powerful but deep earthquake in New Zealand Waikato

Earthquake Report comment : 855 'Felt' reports came in with GNS Science for this powerful but deep earthquake. The epicenter was located near Tokoroa  in the Waikato district, only approx. 30 km from Rotoroa, well known by tourists. Most of the people have reported a MM IV = light shaking. Based on … [Read more...]

In memory of the victims of September 6, 19XX - Turkey, Papua New Guinea and Italy

M 6.7    06-09-1975    Turkey    - Depth 39.6 km - killing 2370 people Google satellite map of the earthquake area This destructive earthquake struck eastern Turkey. It was centered in the Diyarbakir Province. The shock reportedly killed more than 2,000, injured 3,400, and caused extensive … [Read more...]

Heavy Aftershock in Baja California and the USA - Mexico border region

Earthquake Report comment : The powerful aftershock occurred in the middle of the night. The epicenter of this aftershock (earthquake) is in the same area than the M 7.2 main shock from April 4, 2010. Since that date a number of sometimes very powerful aftershocks have been hammering the border … [Read more...]

27,000 Indonesians still living in evacuation camps hiding for continuous eruptions of Mt Sinabung volcano

16 days after the first eruption of 400 year dormant Mount Sinabung volcano,  nearly 27,000 Sumatrian's are still living in 23 evacuation camps at a safe distance of the volcano. We recommend to read the article of the Jakarta Globe on this issue. Here is an excerpt and a link to the complete … [Read more...]

Powerful seaquake at intermediate depth before the coast of Hokkaido and Honshu (Japan)

Earthquake Report comment : The Magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred in a bay close to the shores of Hokkaido and Honshu, 2 main islands in Japan. Because of the depth of approx. 60 km the inhabitants of large areas will have felt a light shaking but damage or injuries are not expected. GDACS issued a … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list September 8, 2010

M 5.1      2010/09/08 19:26   Depth 35.0 km     KURIL ISLANDS Same area than the M 5.5 shock from earlier today. M 5.5      2010/09/08 17:39   Depth 10.0 km     KURIL ISLANDS Epicenter in the immediate area of the 1963 Great Kuril Islands Earthquake. The earthquake had a magnitude … [Read more...]