Hazard map assessment of Mount Merapi, Central Java, Indonesia using remote sensing

Author : David Harris, IGES department, Aberystwyth University, Wales Abstract As the global population is predicted to reach 7 billion people by 2012, land pressures and rapid population growth is resulting in many more communities living within danger zones of natural hazards, a pattern … [Read more...]

Asian Development bank comes in to help Mt. Merapi victims

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending $3 million to assist in aid efforts in the wake of the Mount Merapi volcano eruptions, which destroyed homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Central Java province and Yogyakarta Special region in October and November 2010. ADB's … [Read more...]

Villagers of Merapi danger zone return to their houses risking their life!

Most residents of Gedangan village near Mount Merapi have left shelters in Boyolali and returned to their homes inside the volcano's danger zone. Residents were unwilling to evacuate although their homes were only 10 kilometers away from Mt. Merapi. The authorities visit the village and tried to … [Read more...]

Merapi volcano eruption - Pyroclastic flows as seen from space

Earthquake-report.com has also a keen interest in volcanoes and will bring reports from time to time if important events are happening. Pyroclastic flows are very difficult to explain and people are mostly not aware of the extreme temperatures and destroying capacity of these killers. Maurice and … [Read more...]

Indonesia Mount Merapi eruption : 8 rescue workers killed!

8 Rescue workers killed on Mount Merapi The bodies of four members of the Disaster Response Team were recovered from the slopes of Mount Merapi on Monday before rescue officials had to retreat as the volcano again roared into life. Six bodies were recovered from the village of Glagaharjo in … [Read more...]

Indonesia : Merapi volcano eruption - latest news

UPDATE 29/10 - 09:30 UTC Video footage of Australia's TenNews of the funeral for the killed people UPDATE 29/10 - 09:07 UTC Excerpt of an article from Indonesia Antaranews which we would like our readers to read Mount Merapi is still spewing hot clouds after the eruption on Tuesday. The … [Read more...]

Indonesia : Merapi eruption - picture before and after the hot ash cloud

The picture below gives an idea how terribly hot a pyroclastic flow can be. Th hot ash clouds are burning everything on their way. Nature but also people and infrastructure are charred. Similar pictures exist from the eruption / explosion of Mount St Helens in Whasington, United States. Left and … [Read more...]

Indonesia : Merapi volcano erupts - 25 people killed on the slopes of the volcano

UPDATE 28/10 - 08:44 UTC Death toll of Mt. Merapi rises to 32. 2 seriously burned people have perished from their wounds. Most of the deaths were people who did not followed the governments advice to evacuate from their houses. Identification of the heavily burned bodies was extremely difficult. … [Read more...]

Indonesia : Merapi volcano erupts - 20 people hurt by hot ashes, others flee the area

For the latest updates : click here UPDATE 27/10 - 06:39 UTC The dead toll is climbing after the first pyroclastic cloud eruption on Mt Merapi. 25 people have lost their live so far. One of the victims was the mountain's spiritual gatekeeper. Seismologists are unsure whether Tuesdays eruption took … [Read more...]

Yogyakarta (Java) fears an explosive eruption of Merapi volcano

Excerpt of an article in the Jakarta Globe Lava from Mount Merapi in Central Java began flowing down the Gendol River over the weekend, signaling an eruption could be imminent, a geologist said on Sunday. The volcano, one of the world™s most active, last erupted in June 2006 shortly after the … [Read more...]