Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - the latest news

This update page will put breaking news on the Indonesia Mentawai Islands earthquake whenever it becomes available. The most recent news will be on top of this page. The earthquake informative page as published in the beginning can be found here. October 27 - 05:46 UTC UPDATE First pictures of … [Read more...]

Indonesia Tsunami - no news of hundreds of people + a lot of damage

Information collected by and based on local news media 3 people confirmed killed (based on local informants of VIVAnews).  Hundreds are still missing and did not show up so far.  Officials indicate that people might have fled in the forest and had not return to their … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - Seismographs worldwide turn black

Awaiting more information on South Pagai, we hope our readers will take a look at the LIVE SEISMOGRAM OVERVIEW page from USGS. All seismographs worldwide  are coloring black from this massive earthquake. From Alaska to Antarctica, all seismographs picked up the waves from the Mentawai Islands … [Read more...]

Indonesia massive M 7.5 earthquake - USGS increases Magnitude to 7.7!

USGS has increased the Magnitude of the earthquake to M 7.7. This makes this (shallow) earthquake one of the most powerful that occurred this year and even more powerful than the Haiti and the China earthquakes, both with huge numbers of casualties. Contrary to what most agencies are reporting … [Read more...]