Moderate harmless earthquake near Canakkale, Turkey

Earthquake Report comment : Shallow earthquake with epicenter only 35 km (20 miles) NNW of Canakkale, Turkey. Epicenter is luckily located in the sea. No report of casualties in the local press. We could find out  that the shock lasted about 8 seconds.  We have downgraded our category alert to … [Read more...]

Indonesia “ Moderately dangerous shallow M 5.4 earthquake a few km from Labuha (Pulau Bacan)

Earthquake Report comment : Dangerous shallow earthquake with an epicenter under Pulau Bacan, an island with 3 volcanoes. Labuha is  a port town is only a few kilometers away from the epicenter (if confirmed ). If the epicenter will be confirmed, Labuha will be at risk.  Although we have no exact … [Read more...]

South Sandwich Islands “ Penguins, Glaciers, Earthquakes and volcanoes

Earthquake Report comment : All elements of nature are constantly hammering on this volcano island arc, the South Sandwich Islands. This is the purest nature one can find on our planet. Located in the influence of Antarctica, an eternal icecap is covering the volcano archipelago.  Those who have … [Read more...]

Powerful aftershock rattles Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand

Earthquake Report comment : A Magnitude 5.1  aftershock struck in the late afternoon in the same epicenter area of the massive quake. The many aftershocks are very dangerous for already unstable constructions to collapse. Read more about the main earthquake and all updates in our extensive … [Read more...]

Indonesia “ Magnitude 5.6 strikes the Sumatra coast

Earthquake Report comment : A rather deep but heavy earthquake struck Sumatra. The closest villages rae Lais, Pondok, Kelapa and Kerkap. 590,000 people live in a radius of 50 km around the epicenter Maximum calculated shaking will be moderate Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Mb … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe “ Powerful shallow M 5.5 earthquake near Kariba dam

Earthquake Report comment : A powerful and shallow earthquake occurred this morning (local time) on the Zimbabwe and Zambia. The epicenter of the earthquake was only 5 km from the lake, also feeding the Zambesi river.  Many Zimbabwe  National Parks are located in this area like Matusadona National … [Read more...]

China “ Magnitude 5.0 earthquake injures 14 people and damages 7,354 houses

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate, seemingly not harmful earthquake made a lot of damage and injured at least 14 people in the border region of the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in Southwest China. Thirteen people were injured in the latest earthquake, and 7,354 houses were destroyed in the … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea “ 2 earthquakes strike near New Britain's Kimbe

Earthquake Report comment : Only 15 km from Kimbe, with a population of more then 18,000 inhabitants, one of the major cities on the island. Kimbe is a modern city with concrete buildings, which makes these constructions vulnerable if not build with earthquake proof methods. This explains our … [Read more...]

Taiwan “ Magnitude 5.0 earthquake rattles northern part of the island

Earthquake Report comment : The epicenter of this shallow quake was in the coastal waters only 49 km from Toucheng (population 31,400). A lot of Felt reports came in with a max. MM value of IV (= light shaking) in the heavily populated northern part of the island. Taiwan Central Weather bureau did … [Read more...]

Afghanistan “ Magnitude 4.9 earthquake near Hindu Kush 'Kohe Koran' summit

Earthquake Report comment : A few smaller valley villages like Skazar and Kalat at a distance of ca. 30 km. Epicenter is just under the summit of Kohe Koran, with his 5841 meter the 220th highest peak in Asia!. Normally we would label this quake as moderately dangerous, but because of  the depth … [Read more...]