Massive dangerous earthquake in the highlands of New Britain, P.N.G.

A massive earthquake at a moderate depth of  35 km has struck New Britain island in Papua New Guinea in the early afternoon hours (local time). The earthquake was automatically measured at M 6.9 just after it happened, but was later reduced by seismologists to Mw 6.7 (both USGS and EMSC). The … [Read more...]

Papua New Guinea “ M 5.2 “ Moderate aftershock on the coast of New Britain

Earthquake Report comment : One of the many M +5 aftershocks on the New Britain Island. The depth of 49 km is softening the shaking, but nevertheless light shaking was experienced in the cities of Kandrian and Kimbe, damaged during the main shock om M 7.6 News from Papua New Guinea is very scarce as … [Read more...]