Very strong earthquake near East Coast Of Honshu, Japan, close to Miyake-Jima volcano - At least 4 injuries

– Update April 18 - 09:34 UTC: The video below shows some slight damage on the Miyake island Update 15:48 UTC: 4 people were reported slightly injured on Miyake-Island. One man was injured by a landslide. (Several landslides occurred on the island, blocking roads and trails) The others, two of … [Read more...]

Japan earthquake list

Back to the Region / Country OVERVIEW page The list below shows the last Japanese earthquakes In depth articles on Japanese earthquakes written by - soon to come Label info : M = magnitude, D = depth (km), Time = UTC – Japan time = UTC +9 [quake location="Japan" … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake near the Hokkaido Coast, Japan

Earthquake overview : At 07:25 PM local time a very strong earthquake occurred at intermediate depth near the Hokkaido coast, Japan. JMA Japan has reported a weakening depth of 30 km. Max. reported intensity is 5- (on a scale from 0 to 7) "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us … [Read more...]

More than 50 million people have felt today's 6.2 magnitude aftershock in Honshu, Japan

Earthquake overview : A very strong 6.2 magnitude aftershock struck on 17:00 (05:00 PM) local Japanese Time approx. 70 km out of the Honshu coast. A maximum moderate shaking was experienced, but tens of millions of people have felt this aftershock and are once again reminded at the destructive March … [Read more...]

Earthquake Shizuoka prefecture, Japan (01/08/2011) - 13 people injured (2 seriously)

Earthquake overview : Very strong shallow earthquake with epicenter in the middle of the Suruga Bay. The earthquake occurred just before midnight and was felt as far as Tokyo as a light shaking. ASTERSHOCK August 12 2011 M 5.0      2011/08/11 19:37     Depth 16.0  km     NEAR THE SOUTH COAST … [Read more...]

Wakayama (Japan) earthquake 05/07/2011 : 11 houses damaged has made a short video based on the text below. Feel free to take a look. I Have Felt It Report from Wakayama : I was driving in Wakayama city and didn't feel a thing but my wife called me 5 minutes later when I was in a store saying we just had a big quake. Then we had … [Read more...]

Very strong seaquake (not aftershock!) at approx. 80 km from Tanegashima Island, Kyushu, Japan

UPDATE 13:55 UTC : Based on the stronger calculations of USGS approx. 33,000 people will have experienced a MMI V moderate shaking (JMA exopects a lesser shaking) UPDATE 13:35 UTC : Aftershocks are expected and some of them might be closer to the islands. UPDATE 13:23 UTC : The intensity … [Read more...]

Magnitude 6.6 earthquake damages Nagano surroundings

UPDATE From the Niigata prefecture, the following is the latest  damage from headquarters of the Niigata Prefecture Govt. (as of 14th March 2011) No deaths reported as a result of this quake. 1 heavy injury sustained in Joetsu city. The following cities had minor injuries (31) sustained: 2 … [Read more...]

Earthquake Honshu Japan : Tokyo had a narrow escape ... again

UPDATE March 13, 2011 This article has been written by on January 25, before the Christchurch earthquakes. We wrote it because we had commented on a number of moderate earthquakes in the direct vicinity of Tokyo. The text we have written in January is still valid today after … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list February 21, 2011

M 6.3      2011/02/21 23:51      Depth 5 km     CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND At least 65 dead. Very strong Magnitude 6.3 earthquake in New Zealand South Island Please read our in-depth report about this earthquake - Click here - An in-depth article is being written at this … [Read more...]