Japan - 366 days after the Quake... 19000 lives lost, 1.2 million buildings damaged, $574 billion

It has now been one year since the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and just like STOP KONY 2012 or the Greece Economic Bailout , the 1 year anniversary is being remembered and quoted all over the internet and the world.   CATDAT and Earthquake-Report.com have been reporting on this cruel … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 9, 2011

M 4.7      2011/04/09 13:32     Depth 29.1 km     OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE 09:32:41 AM at epicenter Moderate aftershock at approx. 30 km from Chanco and approx. 50 km from Talcahuano 59 km (37 miles) NNW (345°) from Concepcion, Chile Satellite map of the greater epicenter area M 6.1      … [Read more...]