Strong extremely shallow earthquake in Iran kills at least 8 people, 23 injured and a lot of damage

Earthquake overview : A seemingly moderate earthquake became a deadly one because of the specific earthquake mechanisms in Iran and because of the poor building quality. Tell us when you think you have felt this earthquake. Iran-only earthquake list Keep this page open to read more details when … [Read more...]

Iran multi-source realtime earthquakes list - لیست زلزله ایران

Back to the Region / Country OVERVIEW page لیست زیر آخرین زلزله های ایران که توسط بسیاری از سازمان لرزه نگاری را نشان می دهد. The list below shows the last Iranian earthquakes as reported by many seismological agencies شما می توانید در فرم را در زبان فارسی نوشتن ترجمه ماشینی -- … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 13, 2011

M 4.4      2011/04/13 22:10     Depth 13.1 km     NEVADA 03:10:08 PM at epicenter Weak to moderate earthquake in the same area and with the same strength than yesterday 20 km (13 miles) SSW (212°) from Hawthorne, NV Satellite map of the greater epicenter area M 5.4      2011/04/13 19:54     … [Read more...]

Earthquake Flash Update “ Over 7,287 households (~35,000 people) have received relief from Mamasani, Iran earthquake

This is an earthquake flash update on the following recent event : Iran, Mamasami-Noorabad, M5.4, January 5, 2011 Construction of 15 relief camps has occurred in the Mamasani Noorabad region. Over 7287 households have received tents and other supplies. Based on an urbanity index of 0.3 through … [Read more...]

Shallow moderate earthquake in Southern Iran

Bandar ' Abbas at 105 km from the eicenter - Image via Wikipedia Update 4 hours after the earthquake Iran press just published a report that the earthquake was located near the city of Faryab. So far NO reports of damage or injuries. Earthquake Report comment : We call this earthquake … [Read more...]

Dangerous shallow earthquake strikes near Jenah and Bastak (Iran)

Update 14:28 UTC :  "This morning's quake in Jenah has caused no damages so far," Gheibi told Mehr News Agency, adding that rescue teams were on standby. (source : Iran Press TV) Earthquake Report comment : As there are different coordinates of the exact epicenter, we have used this time the … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list September 7, 2010

M 4.9      2010/09/07 20:51   Depth 47.5 km     SOUTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA Not really dangerous, but for the people of Yushu, a traumatic experience. Yushu is only 50 km from this epicenter. Yushu was devastatated on April 13 by a 6.9 Magnitude earthquake.  More than 3000 people lost their … [Read more...]

Iran “ M 5.7 “ Dangerous shallow earthquake in Northern Iran

Update August 28 - 8:47 UTC Following Reuters alertnet the dead toll rises to 3 and tens of injured people are reported  after a shallow earthquake struck the area of Damghan. Read the full Reuters Alertnet report here Earthquake Report comment update (August 27, 23:30 UTC ): Irna, the Islamic … [Read more...]

Southern Iran - M 5.3 earthquake July 31 - update - 700 houses damaged in Negar

Earthquake Report update on the July 31 Magnitude 5.3 earthquake in Southern Iran (This is the first news out of Iran more than 24 hours after the earthquake !) : Most of the damage was in the town of Negar, in the Kerman province. Excerpt of the Tehran times from August 1 : There have been no … [Read more...]