Papandayan Volcano (Java, Indonesia) : August 20 update : residents feel higher temperatures near the crater

UPDATE 20/08 - 07:20 : A number of residents living and working around Mount Papandayan, told the volcanologists and the press that they have the noted that the temperature in the vicinity of the crater is hotter than the last couple of days. UPDATE 19/08-16:29 : Mount Papandayan … [Read more...]

Mount Lokon volcano (Sulawesi, Indonesia) : A strong ash cloud on January 2 2013

Fireworks at Mount Lokon (2011). The night was lighting up near Manado, Sulawesi as Mount Lokon spewed fire and ash into the air. Once more we ask our readers to click on the links below drom the Manado Trubun, the local newspaper.  Image page 1 - Image page 2 - Image page 3 - Image page 4 - Image … [Read more...]

Soputan volcano Sulawesi, Indonesia : August 14-15 eruption + videos + August 17 update

UPDATE 08/09 : PVMBG, The Indonesian official Volcano Alert service has decreased the alert level from 3 to 2 (waspada). UPDATE 17/08-14:54 : PVMBG, The Indonesian official Volcano Alert service has maintained Level 3. UPDATE 16/08-07:11 : The current activity of Soputan volcano decreased despite … [Read more...]

Earthquake related news May 31, 2011

Earthquake news related to recent events (indepth articles) will be written as updates in these (recent) articles. These articles can be found in the top 10 excerpts on the homepage. Updates for earlier earthquakes can be found on these pages. This page will be regularly updated. $$$ link to the … [Read more...]

Indonesia's volcanoes Anak Krakatau, Mt Karangetang and Mt Ibu also on alert levels

Amid the ongoing eruption of Mount Merapi in Central Java, the authorities have warned that two other volcanoes are on heightened alert, while a third has produced 117 small eruptions since Wednesday. The eruptions from Anak Krakatau, in the Sunda Strait, were audible as far as Serang district … [Read more...]

Indonesia orders evacuation of people living on the slopes of the Merapi volcano

Excerpt from an article in the Jakarta Globe from today Indonesia raised its alert for Mount Merapi to its highest level on Monday and ordered people living near the rumbling volcano to move immediately to safer ground. Seismic activity has escalated dramatically at the volcano on the densely … [Read more...]