Strong earthquake at intermediate depth in the Tanimbar Islands Region, Indonesia

Even with strong Magnitude, ER calls this earthquake harmless because of the deep hypocenter (nearly 50 km) The Magnitude has been updated in the meantime from M5.7 to M5.4, which confirms our estimate. BMKG, the Indonesian seismological agency reports a Magnitude of 5.8 at a depth of 57 … [Read more...]

Indonesia earthquakes list + Indonesia daftar gempa bumi

Back to the Region / Country  OVERVIEW page The list below shows the last 60 Indonesia earthquakes Daftar di bawah menunjukkan 60 gempa terakhir Indonesia Please help us to improve this text and send your version via the comment field below In depth articles on Indonesian earthquakes written … [Read more...]

Very strong "deep" earthquake in the Banda Sea (East Timor - Indonesia)

Earthquake overview : At 15:57 a very strong but luckily deep earthquake struck the Banda Sea. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know how you have felt this earthquake To read the full story as it happened, we advise our readers to start at the lower part of the page (earthquake … [Read more...]

Hundreds of destroyed houses after the June 14 earthquake in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia

On June 14, 2011 noticed 2 shallow moderate earthquakes below Northern Sumatra close to Pahae Julu and Pahae Jae. This earthquake was labeled Orange in our daily overview listing (moderately dangerous) as we were not sure about the exact epicenter. The area was relatively … [Read more...]

Earthquake Sulawesi (Indonesia) : hundreds of houses damaged + people injured

UPDATE 28/04 - 13:12  UTC : The National Logistics Agency of Southeast Sulawesi (Bulog) has started on April 27 to distribute 8 tons of rice to the earthquake victims South Konawe. UPDATE 28/04 - 12:59  UTC : The picture at right (courtesy proves the big damage inflicted by the … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list February 18, 2011

M 4.8      2011/02/18 23:54     Depth 41.3 km     MENDOZA, ARGENTINA 08:54:09 PM at epicenter Moderate earthquake in the High Andes mountain range, approx. 20 km from the Chile border. Although road 220 and 222 are in the epicenter proximity, we do not expect that this earthquake can … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list February 15, 2011

M 5.2      2011/02/15 19:01    Depth 13.0 km     OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN local time 04:01 This earthquake was followed by an aftershock measuring 5.1 at a depth of 54 km approx. 100 km out of the coast. Safe distance from the shores (approx. 150 km) 154 km SE Kamaishi (pop … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list February 12, 2011

M 6.1      2011/02/12 17:57     Depth 81.0 km      TONGA February 13, 2011 at 06:57:56 AM at epicenter Very strong earthquake weakened by the intermediate depth of 81 km. Approx. 40 km from Kolovai, Tonga 55 km (35 miles) NW of NUKU`ALOFA, Tonga NOAA did NOT published a tsunami … [Read more...]

Strong shallow earthquake below Simeulue, Sumatra, Indonesia

FINAL UPDATE 17/01 - 00:30 UTC : We traced some reports of power outages and general panic (people fleeing for the hills as they always fear for a tsunami which could follow a strong earthquake). Some people were so scared that they stayed on the porch of their houses for several hours to be ready … [Read more...]

Moderately dangerous earthquake near the Northern Sumatra coast, Indonesia

FINAL UPDATE 23/12 - 18:51 UTC : Based on testimonies of local people at Meulaboh, the shocks lasted only short and were not that heavy. People always do the wrong thing and are fleeing out of houses and buildings. After staying a while in the streets, they returned to their daily tasks. BMKG, the … [Read more...]