Understanding the very strong damaging Nepal/Sikkim earthquake (18/09/2011)

Earthquake information : A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit Sikkim, India 12:40:48 UT (10:48 PM at epicenter) The depth of the hypocenter was at 20.7 km. The earthquake caused victims and huge damage in Sikkim (India), India and Nepal. It was also well felt in Bangladesh. Read also: Very strong … [Read more...]

4.2 magnitude earthquake in the New Delhi, India - Update 09/09/2011

Earthquake overview : After a long 30 minutes of receiving I Have Felt It reports from concerned New Delhi people we could finally report that a magnitude 4.3 earthquake struck close to New Delhi. "I have Felt it" Reports --> see below + Let us know how you have felt this earthquake To … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 4, 2011

M 5.4      2011/04/04 11:31     Depth 12.5 km     NEPAL-INDIA BORDER REGION 05:01:40 PM at epicenter Please read our in-depth report about this earthquake - Click here Approx. 50 km from Baitadi and 93 km (57 miles) NNE of Mahendranagar, Nepal 496 km (308 miles) WNW of KATHMANDU, … [Read more...]