Moderate earthquake in the desert of Southern California

Earthquake Report comment : Epicenter in the desert of southern California on a safe distance from Mexicali (57 km) and San Diego. Closest village : Ocotillo Expected Mercalli values : V in the desert and IV in Ocotillo, III in Mexicali Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : Ml 4.6 Thursday, … [Read more...]

Powerful earthquake close to Pangai island, Tonga

Earthquake Report comment : Very powerful earthquake with epicenter about 30 km from the island of Lifuku,  Pangai. The last couple of days multiple earthquakes occurred in the same area. Epicenter on the upper slopes of the subduction zone! Maximum expected shaking V to VI Mercalli = moderate … [Read more...]

Moderate harmless earthquake near Canakkale, Turkey

Earthquake Report comment : Shallow earthquake with epicenter only 35 km (20 miles) NNW of Canakkale, Turkey. Epicenter is luckily located in the sea. No report of casualties in the local press. We could find out  that the shock lasted about 8 seconds.  We have downgraded our category alert to … [Read more...]

Moderate but dangerous earthquake near Chincha Alta, Central Peru

UPDATE 16:17 UTC : 5 hours after the quake occurred, no new reports have been published by the local Ica, Pisco press. Contrary to the USGS who puts the epicenter on the mainland and very close to the city of Chincha Alta , the Peruvian seismological service IGP puts the epicenter in the Pacific … [Read more...]

Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes the Chile - Bolivia salar region

Earthquake Report comment : Initially marked by GDACS as 6.1 and a depth of 100 km,  USGS later published a value of M 5.6 at a depth of 88 km. The quake occurred in the greater Salar de Uyuni area, a natural wonder and also Unesco World Heritage. The depth of the earthquake is normal for this … [Read more...]

Shallow moderately dangerous earthquake near Islamabad Pakistan

Earthquake Report comment : A moderately shallow earthquake occurred at only 20 km from the Tarbela dam and at 45 km from one of the main cities in Pakistan  : Islamabad following USGS data. According to Pakistan News sources, who are citing a Pakistani seismological organisation, the epicenter was … [Read more...]

Bolivia “ M 4.2 “ Deep light earthquake 150 km from Salar de Uyuni (Unesco World Heritage)

Earthquake Report comment : This altiplano area is a seismic very active area with a lot of volcanoes and numerous earthquakes (most of them very deep). Salar de Uyuni, the biggest salt flat in the world! Located in southeast Bolivia, at an altitude of 3,653 meters (11,984 ft), the enormous salt … [Read more...]