Deadly earthquakes of January 3 - Kazakhstan, Turkey and Papua New Guinea

M 7.8    1911   Depth ? km   Kazakhstan - killing 450 people More than 450 killed. Damage occurred in the Chong-Kemin (Bol'shoy Kemin) Valley as well as at Anan'yevo (Sazanovka) and Oytal (Urtal), Kyrgyzstan. Over 770 brick buildings were destroyed at Almaty (Vernyy, Alma-Ata), … [Read more...]

Deadly earthquakes of December 21 - China, Chile, Greece, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia

M 7.2   1913    Depth ? km    China - killing 1,314 people No details found ! Google satellite map of the earthquake area (green arrow) M 7.4   1967    Depth 42.5 km    Chile - killing 1 person The shock caused one death and several injuries, and inflicted severe property … [Read more...]

Deadly earthquakes of November 16 since 1900 - Albania and Papua New Guinea

M 5.6    1982    Depth 21.9 km    Albania - killing 1 people One person killed, 12 injured and extensive damage (VIII) in the Fier, Berat and Lushjne districts. Felt (IV) at Titograd, Yugoslavia. Also felt in northwestern Greece and in southern Italy. Google satellite map of the … [Read more...]