Deadly earthquakes of January 3 - Kazakhstan, Turkey and Papua New Guinea

M 7.8    1911   Depth ? km   Kazakhstan - killing 450 people More than 450 killed. Damage occurred in the Chong-Kemin (Bol'shoy Kemin) Valley as well as at Anan'yevo (Sazanovka) and Oytal (Urtal), Kyrgyzstan. Over 770 brick buildings were destroyed at Almaty (Vernyy, Alma-Ata), … [Read more...]

Deadly earthquakes of November 26 - Turkey, Indonesia, Vanuatu and China

M 7.5        1943        Depth ? km     Turkey - killing 4020 people Tosya earthquake. The 1943 Tosya-Ladik earthquake occurred at 00:20 local time on 26 November. The earthquake had an estimated magnitude of 7.2 and a maximum falt intensity of between IX“X (violent to intense) on the Mercalli … [Read more...]