Moderate earthquake in the Kashmir (India) and Pakistan border area

FINAL UPDATE 17:36 AM UTC : After screening Pakistani and India services we can conclude that this moderate earthquake was without any serious damage or injuries.  We have to tell our readers that the epicenter is located in a conflict border zone which is claimed by both Pakistan and … [Read more...]

Understanding the Pakistan January 19 Magnitude 7.2 earthquake

The depth of this earthquake was 84 km so fortunately the violence of ground shaking was strong but not as severe as it would have been for a shallower earthquake of the same magnitude. For example, the ground shaking expected at the epicenter of the January 18, 2011 earthquake was about one-fourth … [Read more...]

Heavy but deep earthquake rattles Afghanistan

Earthquake Report comment : A heavy earthquake of Magnitude 6.3 hit the Hindukush mountains in Afghanistan. The earthquake occurred around midnight (23:51 or 11:51 PM). The hypocenter was at a depth of approx. 200 km. The greater epicenter area is located in the border area between Afghanistan, … [Read more...]

Afghanistan “ Magnitude 4.9 earthquake near Hindu Kush 'Kohe Koran' summit

Earthquake Report comment : A few smaller valley villages like Skazar and Kalat at a distance of ca. 30 km. Epicenter is just under the summit of Kohe Koran, with his 5841 meter the 220th highest peak in Asia!. Normally we would label this quake as moderately dangerous, but because of  the depth … [Read more...]