Magnitude 6.6 earthquake damages Nagano surroundings

UPDATE From the Niigata prefecture, the following is the latest  damage from headquarters of the Niigata Prefecture Govt. (as of 14th March 2011) No deaths reported as a result of this quake. 1 heavy injury sustained in Joetsu city. The following cities had minor injuries (31) sustained: 2 … [Read more...]

Very strong earthquake near South Sandwich Island, Visokoi

M 6.6  2011/03/06 14:32     Depth 86.9 km  SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION Sunday, March 06, 2011 at 12:32:36 PM at epicenter The earthquake occurred in the ocean in the area of an uninhabited volcanic island range. This earthquake will NOT generate a tsunami risk for the Pacific Ocean … [Read more...]

No casualties but light damage and roadcracks after Takayama, Gifu earthquake Japan

Earlier today (local time) 2 shallow earthquakes struck the Gifu area in eastern Honshu Japan. The first earthquake measured 5.2 and the second 4.9. The epicenter of the 4.9 quake was very close to the city of Takayama, which has a population of 66,000 people. JMA reported a max. 4 Felt value … [Read more...]

Very dangerous shallow earthquake below Sulawesi, Indonesia

UPDATE 19/02 “ 16:29 UTC : Mike Hannah reported this morning via facebook the following on Soroako : Power restored to expat residential area 45 hours after quake.The hydro dams power the mine and smelter. The third hydro dam [the lowest] is only a few km from Malili and is presently under … [Read more...]

Unusual moderate and shallow earthquake in Germany

FINAL UPDATE 6:48 PM UTC : As many as 3 weak aftershocks have been recorded after the mainshock of 4.5 (GFZ Postdam) : 3.2, 2.6 and 3.6 all at shallow depths of approx. 10 km. UPDATE 4:10 PM UTC : The greater Rhein river valleys are by seismologists as among the potentially most dangerous … [Read more...]

Small M4.4 earthquake causes major damage in China

During a routine check for the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database, the following earthquake has been traced  yesterday from our various Chinese sources . A seemingly weak earthquake has struck Zhaotong city, Qiaojia county, in Yunnan Province in China of M4.4 but as small shallow earthquakes … [Read more...]

Massive earthquake near the Chile Bio-Bio coast.

This article describes in-depth the mainshock and the most important aftershocks of the February 11 2011 earthquake.  For an overview of all the aftershocks since the mainshock, please click here When you just arrive on this in-depth report, it might be best to start reading at the bottom of the … [Read more...]

An avalanche of 34 aftershocks is pounding Southern Chile

Please read our full in-depth report from the mainshock and strongest aftershocks - Click here UPDATE 14/02 - 5:56 PM UTC : Since the aftershock  of 7:21 (see update 10:47 AM) 4 aftershocks have been noticed : 3.9, 4.0, 3.7 and 3.9 (source Universidad de Chile) UPDATE 14/02 - 10:47 AM … [Read more...]

Unusual strong earthquake in Khakassia, Russia

FINAL UPDATE 11:53 PM UTC : We have the pleasure to report that, after checking our many sources, NO damage or injuries have been reported for this earthquake. UPDATE 8:14 PM UTC : The shaking in Khakasia was so strong that furniture was moving in apartments and offices. The earthquake was  … [Read more...]

Very powerful deep earthquake below the Celebes Sea , Indonesia / Philippines

FINAL UPDATE 10:02 PM : The second earthquake only 3 minutes after the first one has been revised by USGS to a Magnitude of 6.7 instead of the earlier 6.3 as reported by EMSC. UPDATE 4:37 PM : As the shaking was very weak in the nearest cities (at least 300 km from the epicenter ), people in this … [Read more...]