Heavy M 6.2 shallow seaquake a few kilometers from Qelelevu (Fiji)

Earthquake Report comment : GDACS nor USGS are mentioning the fishing community of Qelelevu, which is only 10 to 15 km from the shallow epicenter. NO instances have issued a Tsunami bulletin. Earthquake-Report.com calls Qelelevu at risk. Hopefully nobody got hurt on this beautiful island. A VI to … [Read more...]

Fiji / Tonga “ M 5.1 “ Earthquake in the Pacific at a safe distance from the closest islands

Earthquake Report comment : Very active seismic area. As this earthquake occurred at a depth of 96 km, the impact on buildings, humans will be limited. USGS calculated models are mentioning light to moderate shaking at maximum. Most important Earthquake Data: Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 06:19:33 AM … [Read more...]