Etna volcano Sicily, Italy : compilation video of 4 months eruptions

Klaus Dorschfeldt, alias KdEtna, the Sicilian video maker, has compiled a number of his best shots of his earlier Etna eruptions videos into a new video. The eruptions are from early 2011 until September 2011. Enjoy these beautiful images of 9 months Etna eruptions / paroxysms Read also :  … [Read more...]

Another beautiful eruption of Mt Etna (Italy) on August 29 2011 + videos

Read also :  Today’s eruption video (August 20) at Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy) + video other eruptions Enjoy the 12the paroxysm of Mount Etna, Sicily's most famous volcano. On the early morning of 29 August 2011, the 12th paroxysmal eruptive episode of this year occurred at the … [Read more...]