Earthquakes list April 26, 2011

M 5.6      2011/04/26 21:43     Depth 1.1 km     EAST TIMOR REGION Strong very shallow earthquake near Dili, Timor Please read our in-depth report about this earthquake - Click here M 5.6      2011/04/26 21:10     Depth 15.1 km     GULF OF CALIFORNIA 02:10:26 PM at epicenter UPDATE : The ridge … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 9, 2011

M 4.7      2011/04/09 13:32     Depth 29.1 km     OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE 09:32:41 AM at epicenter Moderate aftershock at approx. 30 km from Chanco and approx. 50 km from Talcahuano 59 km (37 miles) NNW (345°) from Concepcion, Chile Satellite map of the greater epicenter area M 6.1      … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 5, 2011

Please read also our (today) updated in-depth articles on Nepal-India, Myanmar and Japan a M 4.3      2011/04/05 20:17     Depth 63.5 km     OAXACA, MEXICO 03:17:37 PM at epicenter A weak and harmless earthquake at an intermediate depth which will be felt by many people as a weak shaking. 37 km … [Read more...]

Western Mexican states hit by multiple aftershocks and earthquakes

The Mexican western states of Sonora, Baja California, Nayarit and Chiapas have been hit the last 24 hours by multiple earthquakes and aftershocks. Everything seems to be moving and more tectonic movements may be expected. 4 different main areas can be defined. a) The waters of the Gulf of … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list September 8, 2010

M 5.1      2010/09/08 19:26   Depth 35.0 km     KURIL ISLANDS Same area than the M 5.5 shock from earlier today. M 5.5      2010/09/08 17:39   Depth 10.0 km     KURIL ISLANDS Epicenter in the immediate area of the 1963 Great Kuril Islands Earthquake. The earthquake had a magnitude … [Read more...]