Strong earthquake near Ofunato (East coast of Honshu, Japan)

– A strong earthquake at intermediate depth (and not shallow depth as many international agencies reported in the preliminary readings) struck the Ofunato coast. We expect NO major damage from this earthquake. JMA Japan reports indicate a M5.3 at 50 km depth. Maximum JMA intensity 4 at Osaki-shi … [Read more...]

Scientists study Tsunami deposits in Sendai, Japan to improve understanding Tsunami Hazards

This great article (and pictures) are courtesy of the USGS. It has been published in the Sound Waves newsletter, a USGS publication. The studies below have been made by an international team of scientists. There goal is to improve understanding of Tsunami hazards based on the tsunami deposits. … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 16, 2011

M 4.7      2011/04/16 07:06     Depth 16.2 km     QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA 05:06:54 PM at epicenter Moderate aftershock from the M 5.2 earthquake earlier today 142 km (88 miles) SE (142°) from Townsville, Australia 421 km (262 miles) SSE (153°) from Cairns, Australia Satellite map of the greater … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 8, 2011

M 5.2      2011/04/08 18:29     Depth 24.2 km      MINDORO, PHILIPPINES 02:29:16 AM at epicenter Moderate shallow coastal quake close to Lubang Island. Was felt all over Luzon as a very weak earthquake. People in Lubang Island will have felt it stronger and will certainly have been shaked … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list April 1, 2011

M 4.8      2011/04/02 00:03     Depth 43.7 km      LIBERTADOR O'HIGGINS, CHILE April 1 - 08:03:48 PM at epicenter UPDATE2 @01:55 UTC : aftershock of M 4.4 at a depth of 33 km at 79 km (49 miles) SW of San Antonio, Valparaiso, Chile UPDATE 1 @00:30 UTC : aftershock of M 5.1 at a depth of 25 km at … [Read more...]

Japan Tsunami - The death toll does not stop climbing (Part 6)

This is part 6 of our ongoing reporting with many updates about the massive 8.9 9.0 earthquake / tsunami which struck Japan on March 11 2011. Click here for part one - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 For an actual in-depth report on damage, fatalities, injured, etc please … [Read more...]

Earthquakes list March 17, 2011

M 5.0  2011/03/17 15:34      Depth 18.7 km  SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA 11:34:33 PM at epicenter UPDATE 18:22 UTC : Reports out of Keping County say that no houses have collapsed, but mobile phones stopped working for a couple of minutes.Not only Keping county felt the quake very strong but … [Read more...]

No casualties but light damage and roadcracks after Takayama, Gifu earthquake Japan

Earlier today (local time) 2 shallow earthquakes struck the Gifu area in eastern Honshu Japan. The first earthquake measured 5.2 and the second 4.9. The epicenter of the 4.9 quake was very close to the city of Takayama, which has a population of 66,000 people. JMA reported a max. 4 Felt value … [Read more...]

Moderate earthquake under greater Tokyo - Yokohama

Moderate earthquake at a moderate depth in between Yokohama and Tokyo. The earthquake occurred at 3 AM in the night and was felt in the  greater Tokyo area. Based on the local "felt" reports from Japanese JMA seismological center, a maximum JMA value of 2 was reported from Tokyo, Yokohama, … [Read more...]

Powerful seaquake at intermediate depth before the coast of Hokkaido and Honshu (Japan)

Earthquake Report comment : The Magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred in a bay close to the shores of Hokkaido and Honshu, 2 main islands in Japan. Because of the depth of approx. 60 km the inhabitants of large areas will have felt a light shaking but damage or injuries are not expected. GDACS issued a … [Read more...]