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Earthquake-Report is one of the few specialized earthquake sites in the world. Since our start in August 2010, we covered earthquakes from every corner of the world. Our reporting is based on scientific sources, public services, media, etc. As soon as a strong earthquake strikes, people from all … [Read more...]

Chile “ M 5.0 “ Here we go again ! Living with almost daily aftershocks since February 27

Earthquake Report comment : Here we go again. Since August 9 the Chileans were free of relatively strong aftershocks, the longest period since the devastating earthquake from February 27 when a major Magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck the same area, making 577 casualties. Yesterdays earthquake in … [Read more...]

Taiwan “ M 5.0 “ Moderate earthquake in the coastal waters at approx. 15 km from Fongbin

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate earthquake inly 15 km out of the coast. As Taiwan had a very good established earthquake prevention and strict earthquake-proof building rules, ER do not expect any damage or injuries from this quake. Most important Earthquake Data: Sunday, August 22, 2010 at … [Read more...]

Peru “ M 4.3 “ Moderate earthquake 60 km from Ica

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate earthquake at a reasonable depth of 38 km. What makes it special is the short distance to the coastline and to the city of Ica. Ica had +260,000 inhabitants at the latest census. Earthquakes in this area are the result of the convergent boundaries in between … [Read more...]

Kyrgyztan “ M 5.2 “ Dangerous shallow earthquake near the Tajikistan border

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate but dangerous shallow earthquake occurred near Sarigon in the border area of Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan As the earthquake occurred at 11 PM in a remote mountainous area of the country, it can easily last more than 12 hours before additional details are … [Read more...]

Italy “ M 4.5 “ Moderate earthquake in the waters of the Sicilian Eolian Islands

Earthquake Report comment : Latest updates in bold green, hereunder A very shallow earthquake of Magnitude 4.5  just occurred in the waters of the Eolian islands. August is the top tourist month on the Liparian islands, so a lot of people will have felt the shaking. The epicenter is located on … [Read more...]

Pakistan “ M 5.0 “ moderate but very dangerous shallow earthquake in Baluchistan

Earthquake Report comment : Although we can state that this earthquake is only moderate in strength, Earthquake Report declares this earthquake as very dangerous. Epicenter (if confirmed) is very near the small villages of Anjira and Nokjo at an altitude of approx. 1700 meter. The mountainous … [Read more...]

USA, Alaska “ M 5.8 “ Weak and deep earthquake near Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano

Earthquake Report comment : The hypocenter (depth) of this weak earthquake was measured at a comfortable 143 km. It was well felt at the other side of the Cook Inlet, although people reported only weak to light shaking. Most of the earthquakes in this area (Lake Clark and further north) have a deep … [Read more...]

Japan “ M 4.9 “ Weak and deep earthquake near Sapporo

Earthquake Report comment : A weak earthquake rattled the Doto Expressway area. Due to the depth the impact on the immediate area will have been none to very limited. Most important Earthquake Data: Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 01:25:08 PM at epicenter Depth (Hypocenter) : 106 km Geo-location(s) … [Read more...]