Worldwide EARTHQUAKE related news – Archive November 2012

If you search for the latest real time earthquakes lists : click here The most recent earthquake related news : Click here Below the sign $ to $$$$$ are links to article in the press. $ : little importance $$$$$ : a must read! November 30 2012 Did you know this earthquake happened on … [Read more...]

Seismic wallpaper may make the world a little more earthquake resistant !

A high-tech adhesive and glass fiber fabric can make homes safer. Collapsing ceilings and walls put lives in danger. People in many parts of the world live in constant fear of earthquakes that can reduce entire cities to piles of rubble. Scientists at Bayer MaterialScience, in cooperation with … [Read more...]

Vancouver is a possible massive earthquake target, but only few care about it!

Xinhua on line news site has written an article which we would like to reprint partly. We encourage our readers (and especially our Canadian readers) to read it in full. We originally posted this article in October 2010, but as it is still actual and as we have a tenfold of visitors today, we are … [Read more...]

Horror day for (not only) Italian seismologists on September 20 2011

Two years after the earthquake in l'Aquila, Italy on April 6 2009 Italian Judge Giuseppe Romano Gargarella ordered 7 persons of the Italian government's Great Risks commission, which evaluates the potential for natural disasters, to go on trial in L'Aquila on September 20. The judge said the … [Read more...]

Be Earthquake prepared : Know what to do before, during and after

Below we publish The New Zealand Government preparedness measures for earthquakes. To be earthquake prepared, people should read these measures again and again. They can save your life. These preparedness measures also apply for the entire world. There is no difference in between an earthquake in … [Read more...]

2 examples of how technology made the difference during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami

Japan launched a new earthquake warning system in 2007. It uses sensors that pick up the faster-moving and less destructive P-waves produced by an earthquake and transmits a warning broadcast on television and radio before the destructive S-waves and surface waves arrive, giving recipients of the … [Read more...]

Video example : How NOT to act when an earthquake strikes !

Video's are posted on the internet after almost every earthquake. Those hitting the highest 'views' are mostly or spectacular video's from damaged buildings and infrastructure or video's from scared people experiencing the tremor inside their house. Besides showing how scary and shaky an … [Read more...]

Earthquake Honshu Japan : Tokyo had a narrow escape ... again

UPDATE March 13, 2011 This article has been written by on January 25, before the Christchurch earthquakes. We wrote it because we had commented on a number of moderate earthquakes in the direct vicinity of Tokyo. The text we have written in January is still valid today after … [Read more...]

The Magnitude - a "Friends" alike earthquake preparedness series

Great initiative ! Congratulations to the American Red Cross Los Angeles division What: Are you aware that the next big earthquake is lurking around the corner? Addressing the urgent need of individual earthquake preparedness, the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region will premiere the … [Read more...]

Become a volunteer earthquake correspondent in your country / area

Earthquake-Report is one of the few specialized earthquake sites in the world. Since our start in August 2010, we covered earthquakes from every corner of the world. Our reporting is based on scientific sources, public services, media, etc. As soon as a strong earthquake strikes, people from all … [Read more...]