Earthquake Honshu Japan : Tokyo had a narrow escape ... again

UPDATE March 13, 2011 This article has been written by on January 25, before the Christchurch earthquakes. We wrote it because we had commented on a number of moderate earthquakes in the direct vicinity of Tokyo. The text we have written in January is still valid today after … [Read more...]

Deep (harmless) earthquake in central Colombia

This is an flash update on the following recent event : FINAL UPDATE 14:14 UTC : Local "Ingeominas" reported a magnitude of 4.6 at a depth of 65 km. Some Colombia local press did mention this earthquake in a couple of lines simply stating the data from Ingeominas. UPDATE … [Read more...]

Moderate deep earthquake near Rotorua and Taupo, New Zealand

This is an flash update on the following recent earthquake : M 5.3 - Rotorua, Taupo area New Zealand Strong earthquake with a deep hypocenter = harmless, although a lot of people could potentially to feel it. As most are asleep, we predict that only few will have been … [Read more...]