Earthquake prediction, the Japanese way !

People continue to ask whether the time of upcoming earthquakes can be predicted accurately or not. If you would surf the web, thousands of pages will be found with the weirdest theories on prediction signs for a major upcoming earthquake. The reality of "when" is an easy answer : NO The reality … [Read more...]

Moderate shallow M 4.8 earthquake rattles the greater Tokyo area

Earthquake Report comment : A moderate shallow earthquake struck the greater Tokyo area in the Japanese night. Although it will probably not be dangerous, a lot of people woke up by the light shaking. If the preliminary location will be confirmed, the epicenter lies in the immediate vicinity of … [Read more...]

Indonesia - Magnitude 5.9 earthquake @ Simeulue - Updates and Seismogram

Earthquake Report comment : No general Tsunami risk (local smaller tsunamis are always possible). GDACS issued a GREEN earthquake report (see details below) NO people live in an area of 25 km around the epicenter. 27,800 people live in an area of 50 km around the epicenter. 110,000 people live in an … [Read more...]