Worldwide Earthquake lists + in-depth earthquake articles

Country or state (USA) real time earthquake lists. Your I FELT IT experience is highly appreciated for a good understanding of  what happened. General lists :  WORLD - UNITED STATES - EUROPE - AFRICA - CARIBBEAN MIDDLE EAST - SOUTH AMERICA - CENTRAL AMERICA - CENTRAL ASIA EASTERN ASIA - SOUTHERN … [Read more...]

Weak series of quakes make tourists feel uneasy at Bodrum, Turkey

Earthquake overview : received a few reports on weak shaking (more felt as a light shaking) from one of Turkey's most important tourist destinations : Bodrum. Although the shocks caused NO damage or injuries, people asked themselves whether these shocks were the prelude of more … [Read more...]

Damaging Shallow Very Strong earthquake hits the Simav, Turkey area

On May 19, 2011 a very strong earthquake occurred in the greater Simav / Kutahya area. Earthquake-Report calls this earthquake extremely dangerous for damage, injuries and even fatalities. All theoretical models are resulting in a potentially bad outcome (some killed people). Early reports from the … [Read more...]