Small M4.4 earthquake causes major damage in China

During a routine check for the CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database, the following earthquake has been traced  yesterday from our various Chinese sources . A seemingly weak earthquake has struck Zhaotong city, Qiaojia county, in Yunnan Province in China of M4.4 but as small shallow earthquakes … [Read more...]

Anqing, China January 19 earthquake - 7159 houses damaged.

This is an Earthquake-Report ongoing event UPDATE 21.01.2011 11:43 UTC: An update on the statistics from the earthquake from the Civil Affairs Department of Anhui (7.30 local time on January 21). 31000 people have been affected (unchanged). In addition there have been 7159 houses with 15786 … [Read more...]

Earthquake Flash Update “ Over 7,287 households (~35,000 people) have received relief from Mamasani, Iran earthquake

This is an earthquake flash update on the following recent event : Iran, Mamasami-Noorabad, M5.4, January 5, 2011 Construction of 15 relief camps has occurred in the Mamasani Noorabad region. Over 7287 households have received tents and other supplies. Based on an urbanity index of 0.3 through … [Read more...]