Fogo volcano activity report - New satellite lava flow map

This is the most recent FOGO Volcano eruption and activity report You may follow also our Facebook Volcano Page and our Twitter : @VolcanoReport and @JanineKrippner New additions will always be on top and if the page gets too long, we will cut off a part of it and archive it. This url will … [Read more...]

Become an volunteer

As a non-governmental site we are completely depending on volunteers who are making the difference day and night. Volunteers are the people who are creating the Value Added information you will not find in traditional sites. Scientists are mainly interested in the detailed physical data of  an … [Read more...]

Severe earthquakes shake Kerman Province in Iran.

May we kindly ask Iranian people who live in the greater epicenter area or have relatives in the area to share their information with Please use the I Did Feel It form below. UPDATE 09:12 UTC : There has been reports of power outages caused by electricity poles falling … [Read more...]

Earthquake list with an uncertain end ...

"Earthquake Report" considers the earthquakes listed below as potentially dangerous for damage, injuries and victims, but was unable to find out the final results. Such earthquakes have to be classified in 2 categories. a) Poor nations with a multitude of earthquakes like Papua New Guinea. These … [Read more...]