July 1 Auckland earthquake creates discussion in New Zealand

The article below has been written by New Zealander Philip Duncan. Philip Duncan is a weather analyst and one of the bloggers of the Weatherwatch.co.nz site. Philip gives his opinion of the discussion among South Islanders (those who know what "real" earthquakes mean and the Aucklanders (North … [Read more...]

Christchurch M 6.0 aftershock : 1 person killed and 45 people with minor injuries

Aftershock summary : On Monday the 13th of June, Christchurch has been struck by two aftershocks. The first measured 5.5, which luckily allowed people to evacuate the red zone and many other locations before the magnitude 6 aftershock struck, minutes ago at a depth of 9km. Six people were taken to … [Read more...]

Extremely dangerous shallow aftershock in Christchurch, New Zealand

This article will be ended as it is getting too long. We have copied the last 10 updates in the second part. Click here for the second part for our continuous reporting on the Christchurch earthquake. - Click here to go directly to part 2 For an overview of all the articles we have written - … [Read more...]